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Thursday, December 9, 2010

On the first day...

I stayed away from social media as long as I could.  I avoided facebook much longer than most and  twitter was without question a no no.  The narcissistic connotation that I had formed around the mediums, deterred my interest for quite sometime.  It wasn't until I began exploring the social media scene as a means to brand myself, and to develop business, did I truly embrace the idea.

Now you are either saying, ya, thats what I want to do, or, huh??

I have found that when most get involved, including myself, there are many friends, co workers, and colleagues who's knowledge far exceeds ours on simple questions like what is a re-tweet?  We might be reluctant to jump in because the sea is so wide and so deep.  But with anything else there is always a place to start.  There is always a way to ship it and fix it.

My first piece of unsolicited advice would be, determine what it is that you are trying to achieve.  
My friend emailed me today, and thanked me for turning him on to Twitter.  He was ready to use it for work.  He was ready because he knew what his objectives were.  Aaron, how do I obtain a larger following?  How do I brand myself to become the go to Real Estate professional?  Those were his questions.  That is where we start....

What are you trying to achieve through social media?

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